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Viking Riddles

“Let’s kill all the men and rape all the women, and dammit, get it right this time.” Yeah, Yeah. We all know how Vikings have the rep for being badasses. But did you know that Viking Warriors were judged on their skill as wordsmiths? Take a shot at these Real Viking Riddles.


Here is Your Monday Morning Jump Start

Am I the only one that noticed this?


Little Boy has Leukemia

This is Patrick. He’s two years old and has leukemia.


Look What Stopped at the Shell

Out here in BF Egypt, otherwise known as Indian Springs, Nevada you never know what will stop st the Shell Station.


Christmas Flash Mobs

If these do not tear you up, it sucks to be you. Merry Christmas.


Rosie Does the Frightdome

Dad and Uncle Andy hit the Frightdome again. Rosie goes for the first time. This was the first time we didn’t get there before the doors opened. That was a Good Thing and a Bad Thing. It was good because we sailed through the line. The Bad Thing was the Parking Garage, but more on that later.

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The Me-163 Flies Again!

When I first heard that the Me-163 Komet was flying again I said, “By who? Suicidal Pilots?”. The rocket take off of the combat 163’s killed a lot of pilots. At a 2009 war-bird meeting south of Paris a replica Me 163 Komet replica built by EADS Germany was on static display and in the air. It’s a full scale replica.


Car Show at Creech AFB

Creech AFB hosted a little in-house car show last week. It was pretty cool actually. I know some of them. Can you name them? Click to enlarge the pictures                                                     [...]


Young and Old

So if you’ve dutifully click that link I’ve cheerfully provided you know that it’s a bunch of pictures. Pictures that have been re-staged. One being when the subjects were young and then again when they’re older. I thought that was a cool idea. I thought of all my baby pictures and wondered which one I could re-stage. Since my Mom was a shutterbug, I have tons to pick from. Then I came across two that were perfect. Perfect that they were not staged.

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OH MY!!!! George Takei

I’ve been doing this Internet thing for a long time. The body of work is approaching huge. Many is the time someone will send something to me saying, “Check this out. It’s COOL!” and I’ll say, “Yeah, I made that (picture,page,video).” But then every now and then something REALLY cool happens. Like finding out the Vice-President likes my picture.