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You Can Have YOUR Name on YOUR Jet

Maybe you haven’t heard yet. I sell my paintings. If you want to see my site click here.


65 Mustang

I fell in Love with Mustangs way back in 1978.  At George AFB, my trainer Jeff Hofer let me be a “tool passer” as he rebuilt a 1967. We were busting out the old motor mounts with an impact hammer while beating the socket with 3 lb. sledge.  The Craftsman socket split open.  I was [...]

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Why the Navy is Cooler than the Air Force

MiG-28! No one’s been this close before!


Barrett Jackson Auction, Las Vegas, 2015

We went to the Barrett Jackson Auction this weekend. What did you do?

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Secret Mojave Aero Club

What we did in our spare time at George AFB. We would roam the Mojave Desert with Warriors and Arrows.


Unusual End of Runway Duty

I hijacked this from Facebook. Read on Loyal Reader….


Camaros at Snow Mountain

Driving up and down Highway 95 between Las Vegas and Indian Springs let’s you see unusual things. Like this….

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Air New Zealand ROCKS!!!

We showed you their livery, now watch this…. Yes, this is legit and shown prior to flight. Here’s what their “serious” briefing looks like…. Air New Zealand Commercial… BONUS VIDEO! BONUS BONUS VIDEO! Sorry, that last one was totally uncalled for. DIDN’T GET TO SEE THEIR LIVERY? SEE IT HERE.    


Tip Jars

The key to advertising is to motivate your customers to overcome their reluctance and open their wallets or at least rummage their pockets.


Viking Riddles

“Let’s kill all the men and rape all the women, and dammit, get it right this time.” Yeah, Yeah. We all know how Vikings have the rep for being badasses. But did you know that Viking Warriors were judged on their skill as wordsmiths? Take a shot at these Real Viking Riddles.