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Vista Security 2012…A Really Bad Virus

Vista Security 2012 is a really bad virus. There are a lot of fixes and removal “tools” out there. Here’s my take on one that’s legit. Click here to see this on YouTube.


I’m Back

Windows 7 gave me the Blue Screen of Death last month. I’ve been stumped ever since. The error codes say it’s a memory mangement problem. Swapped in some new RAM. Nothing. Now it’s saying I don’t have a hard drive. Santa needs to bring a computer. Feel free to give me any advice of hints.  [...]


Power Problems

Welcome Back Readers. Wow, this feels like I’m guest posting on my own blog. I’m hoping my computer will behave itself long enough for me to get this written. For the last month or so the computer has been turning on when it wants to. It started with a simple reboot. But then it “hung [...]