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Barrett Jackson Auction, Las Vegas, 2015

We went to the Barrett Jackson Auction this weekend. What did you do?

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Cool Cars

So I'm gassing up at the Snow Mountain Smokeshop when these cars go zipping past. I hunt them down and this is what I found.


Camaros at Snow Mountain

Driving up and down Highway 95 between Las Vegas and Indian Springs let's you see unusual things. Like this....

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Look What Stopped at the Shell

Out here in BF Egypt, otherwise known as Indian Springs, Nevada you never know what will stop st the Shell Station.


Memorial Cruisers Make it to Las Vegas

We spotted the Memorial Cruisers parked in front of Artemus Hall on the UNLV campus.


Viper Jackpot

You never know what you'll see in rural Nevada. Today we hit the Viper Jackpot.   Left to right 0ne, two, three and the fourth one behind the van.  They came roaring into Indian Springs and hung a u-turn into the casino parking lot.  All the vipers had Michigan dealer plates.  What kind of Viper [...]


What is this Car?????

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I live way out in the dark Nevada desert. We have this Mystery Car stop here for gas for about a year so far


GM Experiencing Undervoltage

The Volt by Chevrolet was touted by Dear Leader as the car of the future. Stylish and high performance, yet green as Green Tea.  Das Wundarcar went on sale in January and racked up...wait for it.......... Great Leader backed this Eco-box with YOUR money. The TAXPAYERS pay 7500 Bucks for every Volt. The news gets [...]

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Rosie Blazes Away

Aside from living in the dread of winning an all expense paid vacation to Las Vegas, living in Las Vegas has a couple of cool perks. Was waiting at the stop light when this pulled up. So, the line moves up and my trusty Blog Photographer and Daughter blazes away with the "Good Camera". Maybe [...]


Name This Car

Sometimes, living in the middle of a desert gets interesting. Did you know that many car companies test drive their new models up and down the 95 here in Nevada