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South Carolina Begins Extreme Vetting

With Fort Sumter  as a backdrop, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed legislature today that will start extreme vetting of those who want to immigrate to South Carolina. The Lucky Puppy has tried to get a copy of “The South Carolina Protection Act”.  While we have not seen the entire document, reliable sources inside the [...]


IRENE Parks Off of North Carolina- Ruins Weekend

As we tracked Irene she ignored kinfolk in South Carolina but stopped to kick everyone’s ass in North Carolina.  Thank God no one was hurt but there was damage and in one case everything they owned went underwater. Our prayers go out, Thanks for God’s Mercy and continued Blessings as everyone recovers from one Bad [...]


A Little Help Please

My Lovely and Talented Daughter-In-Law, Abby  has been busting her ass over there at Simply Charming.  She makes jewelry and then sells it.  It seems she has been embroiled in a little contest and in the spirit of Soccer Moms and Pinewood Derby Dads we are going to cheat and you’re going to help. CLICK [...]

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