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Pico Blanco Boy Scout Camp

When I was 11 or 12 (1970ish) Boy Scout Troop 159 went to camp in Pico Blanco. Shit got weird.


Boy Scouts Goes Co-Ed

As an Eagle Scout, I was wondering when this would happen.  I think it’s a good idea. But this is the Lucky Puppy so scroll down Loyal Reader.   NEW MERIT BADGES Save


A Strange Thing Happened at the Beach

On July 2nd, 1971, the Bat Patrol was going on a camp out to Marina Beach to get ready for a troop camp out that was getting ready for an upcoming Camporee.

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How to Really Protect Our Schools

In 1975, New York state alone had over 80. In 1984, there were only 65 nationwide. By 1999 there were only 26. What were they? Shooting clubs at schools.