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Brian and Abby’s Wedding- Behind the Scenes

On September 25th, 2004, my oldest son Brian made the smartest decision in his life. He married Abby. Abby’s Story is a really good post her on her Blog. A beautiful story that will bring out the tissues. This is a story about what she didn’t see.


Young and Old

So if you’ve dutifully click that link I’ve cheerfully provided you know that it’s a bunch of pictures. Pictures that have been re-staged. One being when the subjects were young and then again when they’re older. I thought that was a cool idea. I thought of all my baby pictures and wondered which one I could re-stage. Since my Mom was a shutterbug, I have tons to pick from. Then I came across two that were perfect. Perfect that they were not staged.

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Our Family

“Modern Family” has nothing on us. We’re TEAM QUIRKY when a camera is around.



Today is my son’s birthday. As his grandmother would say, “Pigs don’t get to be this old”. Yeah, it’s an old German farmer’s complement. It means they get to be breakfast before they get this old.


Halloween Costumes

What’s Halloween if not a chance to dress up in a wacky, spooky, sexy or politically incorrect costume? Here are some from our scrapbook. For the record that was me going through the drive up window at Burger King on my way to a Halloween party. My Mom died just before Halloween in 1983. A [...]