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B-29 Super Fortress “Fifi”

Every now and again I come across a video that inspires a post. This is one of those times.


Boeing Rocks the 787

Switch to full screen and watch Boeing test pilots Mike Bryan and Randy Neville yank and bank this big assed airplane like a fighter jet.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370???

I know my readership has a wealth of aviation knowledge and the crash is rife with speculation. I invite you to post your theory.


Boeing 777 Crashes at SFO

An Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 flight 214 with 307 souls on board crashed on landing. The crew had declared an emergency and was cleared to land. Initial videos show that the aircraft had a ramp strike on the approach end over run.


747 Crashes at Bagram Airport

A National Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 freighter on behalf of US Mobility Command, registration N949CA performing cargo flight N8-102 from Bagram (Afghanistan) to Dubai Al Maktoum (United Arab Emirates) with 7 crew and cargo consisting of 5 military vehicles, has crashed shortly after takeoff


Boeing’s Gear Won’t Go Down Again

Right on the heels of the 767 gear mishap in Poland, now the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is having problems. The pilots flying the two 787’s delivered to All Nippon Airways had to extend the landing manually when normal hydraulic systems failed. Boeing and ANA reported the glitches today just two weeks after the aircraft entered service in Japan.


Air Force to FIght Wildfires with Water Balloons

No joke. Boeing is developing the Precision Aerial Fire Fighting System.


Boeing 777 Crashes at Heathrow

17 JAN 2008.
An British Airways Boeing 777 has crashed at Heathrow Airport, London, U.K. It is the first crash of Boeing newest airliner.

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