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Star Trek Turns 50

  Star Trek is now 50 years old.  To celebrate, we thought we’d share some facts from the show. Although “Charlie X” was the first episode filmed, Star Trek debuted with “The Man Trap”.   We figure this will start more than one fight. Before slapping down paychecks or pink slips, be advised that the [...]


Why I Watch the Cooking Shows

I always like to watch the cooking shows to learn new recipes and techniques…..

Yeah right.


Our Take on the Golden Globes

Watched the Golden globes last night here’s our take on what we saw. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were spot on as hosts. Their jokes skits hovered right there on the risqué but never cross the line. Then there were the dresses.


Rookie News Anchor has Epic Blooper on First Day

Thanks A.J. and now here’s the Weather….
We’d like to point out that we at the Lucky Puppy beat the national news cycle on this one by TWO DAYS. Good ol’ A.J. Clemente was just on Letterman. Because of the first two words uttered in his broadcast career, he got canned. Let’s hear from you. Who wants A.J. on your local news tomorrow!!!!


Big Bang Bloopers

Yeah, I’ve got them.