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Abby’s Best Video EVER!!

Wasn’t that GREAT!! It had drama, humor. prizes and a really good drum roll. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT HER BLOG


Forget Something?

You ever have that nagging feeling you’re forgetting something?  Did you pay the rent? Hugged a kid? Posted a comment? You know?  The Important Stuff. I just updated my Comment Luv. So register for it so you can leave Grooovy Comments on this here blog.  We promise to not sell your Soul (or cookies) to [...]


Why Blog at All?

I write this blog to give my friends a break. Rather than spamming them with a bazillion fowarded emails I have chosen to leave most of the good ones right here (and here, and here too) where they can find them if they want to. I do reserve the right to Spam you if I [...]


A Musical for My Pal Al

I was crunching through my bowl of Cheerios, checking email, reading posts and listening to the news. It was a normal morning. Amongst the spam and stuff was an email announcing Al’s latest blog post. It centered on her wish that her life burst into song. Younger readers will not recognize the Musical. Think of [...]


Up on the House Top

This is done right.


Airbus A380 Engine Explodes

4 November 2010-Fifteen minutes into a Quantas airline flight QF34 from Singapore to Sidney, the number two engine exploded. Trailing flame and debris, the aircraft landed safely back in Singapore. Though shaken, none of the 459 passengers were harmed in the mishap. Quantas continues to have an unblemished record of having never injured a passenger. [...]


Late Enough

I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “It’s wrong to be early at a party, let’s be late.” Since I’ve spent my life working at night, keeping up to an alarm is pure torture (and not in that good torture way like you pay extra in Vegas for). So when I started reading Late [...]

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Calling All Moms

Calling all Moms.  Comm check how do you read?  A Loyal Reader has pointed out that this site just might be NOT MOM FRIENDLY.  Wow? Who’d a thunk?  I thought I was doing a real good job of being Mom Friendly.  Who else has a section of their site dedicated to Jokes About Men? I [...]



Footage from Blogher 2010 is starting to surface on the web. Sparklecorn seems to have been a hit. Go back and click that Sparklecorn link because I want you to be humming this song ALL DAY TODAY. Alcohol seems to have been present. Please note than Alex appears to be happy and enjoying herself and [...]



Ohhhhh! Blog….Her. Women who blog. Get it. The BlogHer Sixth Annual Conference kicks off next Thusday. In New York City.  New York City????  Who has conventions ( uh….Conferences) in New York City when you have a perfectly good Las Vegas to party..um… confer in. It just so happens that another convention, conference..whatever is kicking off [...]