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Bigfoot 911

Confronted with the unknown, unbelievable or unbelievably scary, some folks dial 911. https://youtu.be/XGxPnQQGzeQ Homeless folks rarely call 911.  This couple did and it led to Minnow Films going to San Antonio and Rick Dyer shooting a bigfoot who was habituated to dumpster diving a strip mall Duncan Donuts. https://youtu.be/swDgw1q97EE Jerry Cline was sleeping in his camper [...]


The Lucky Puppy Forum Rides Again

Let’s get the Band back together again. Newcomers welcome. Come join the discussion.



The Tennessee farm of the Carter family has had three generations of sasquatch habituation. The book, 50 YEARS WITH BIGFOOT:Tennessee Chronicles of Co-Existence written by Bigfoot researcher Mary Green. Janice Carter-Coy, the current owner of the farm first told her story in 1996 and was immediately ridiculed for her claims. 22 years later many behaviors she had described are now known Sasquatch behavior.


Pico Blanco Boy Scout Camp

When I was 11 or 12 (1970ish) Boy Scout Troop 159 went to camp in Pico Blanco. Shit got weird.


Novel North American Hominins

Yeah, we’re talking Bigfoot.  You have to be able to pronounce mitochondrial before proceeding. If you’ve watched “Finding Bigfoot”, “Monster Quest” or any other “Bigfoot” show they always have DNA samples that come back, “Contaminated with Human DNA”  and then the results are ignored.  The problem is that when DNA is used to identify an unknown sample, [...]

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We Find Signs of Bigfoot

Having moved to South Carolina, I was really excited to some “Squatching” of my own. I did not expect to find something this soon or where I found it.


More Than Just Footprints

Whether you call them Bigfoot or Sasquatch, there is a surprisingly large body of data that has been amassed. As we learn more about these folks, they are closer to “Harry and the Hendersons” than “The Legend of Boggy Creek”. But either is possible, so beware.


What Do You Believe In?

How open minded are you? Score one point for each item on our list and post your total.


Odd Facts that Happen to be True

NERF– You know, the toy? NERF is short for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam. The United States Census has received thousands of forms in which people have claimed to be a alien race from Star Trek. The most popular race is Vulcan. The fourth funnel of R.M.S. Titanic was fake. It was placed there for two reasons. [...]

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