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We Find Signs of Bigfoot

Having moved to South Carolina, I was really excited to some “Squatching” of my own. I did not expect to find something this soon or where I found it.


More Than Just Footprints

Whether you call them Bigfoot or Sasquatch, there is a surprisingly large body of data that has been amassed.


What Do You Believe In?

How open minded are you? Score one point for each item on our list and post your total.


Odd Facts that Happen to be True

NERF– You know, the toy? NERF is short for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam. The United States Census has received thousands of forms in which people have claimed to be a alien race from Star Trek. The most popular race is Vulcan. The fourth funnel of R.M.S. Titanic was fake. It was placed there for two reasons. [...]

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PA Hunter Claims Picture of Bigfoot

Here it is…October 30,2007A PHOTOGRAPH taken by a hunter in Pennsylvania has reignited debate over the existence of Bigfoot. Rick Jacobs claims to have taken the pictures using a camera hung from a tree with an automatic trigger. “We couldn’t figure out what they were,” Mr Jacobs said in a report by the Associated Press. [...]