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Aircraft Identification Quiz

Can you identify these aircraft?


Earhart’s Plane May Be Found in 2015

It’s old and torn up and somebody probably cooked fish on it but a chunk of aluminum may hold the key to where Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra has been all these years. It may be in 600 feet of water off the tiny island of Nikumaroro.


Aviation Nation 2012

Aviation Nation, Nellis AFB’s annual Open house was this weekend. I was a little under the weather but Jamie and Rosie insisted we go. I’m glad we did.


Did You See That?

Prepare to be shocked and awed…..What A Trick – More amazing video clips are a click away


White Knight II Unveiled

Virgin Galactic unveiled it’s latest design, The White Knight II. The jet powered craft will carry the sub orbital Spaceship II aloft.

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American Grounds MD-80 Fleet

If you have a ticket on American Airlines today you might want to hit the book shop.

You’re not going anywhere soon.


The F-117 Retires Today

DAYTON, Ohio- The F-117 Stealth Fighter, made famous in Desert Storm will be retired today in a ceremony at Wright-Patterson AFB. The aircraft will be moth balled at a classified site. The aircraft will be replaced by the F-22.

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Seen Any UFO’s Lately?

Gotcha! Welcome to the P-791. One Part Hovercraft. Two Parts Blimp. It’s a hybrid airship developed by Lockheed-Martin and flown out the company’s Palmdale Plant 42. It’s maiden flight was on 31 January, 2006.Did you spot the skunk on the tail?If you’re wondering, P-791 doesn’t mean anything. It’s just what the engineers call it. Engineers [...]


Airbus A340 Flies with Broken Wing

November 4, 2007, London- Wow! That was an exciting headline. The trick was that the SriLankan Airlines Airbus took of after it had clipped the wing of a 747 during taxi at Heathrow Airport. No biggie.

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