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First Test Flight of Dream Chaser Deemed Success

The first full scale flight test of Dream Chaser was conducted on 26 October, 2013 at Edwards Air Force, California. The unmanned gliding test was hailed by SNC as a success. Except for that skidding off the runway part.


China Lands on Moon

The fun loving folks at the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SASTIND) said their robot named “The Jade Rabbit” had phoned home.


Dragon Arriving

DRAGON Arriving.

For the first time since Atlantis in July 2011, an American spacecraft has arrived at the International Space Station (ISS). Privately built by SPACEX, the Dragon spacecraft completed a three day unmanned mission to the ISS delivering over a ton of supplies.


Discovery Launches for Last Time

The Shuttle Discovery is on the launch pad and will make its 39th trip into space in about an hour. It will be the last flight of the spacecraft that holds the all time world record for space travel. When she lands the Discovery will have: 1. Flown 143 million miles. 2. Had 246 people [...]


Good Bye Voyager- Thanks for All the Fish

As the solar winds die down to zero, the spacecraft Voyager leaves the Solar system and becomes the first man made machine to enter interstellar space. This event has happened last June. Or it might happen within four years. Things get sketchy way out there.


U2 Incentive Flight

Incentive flights are rides.They are rewards for a job well done. In 1979 I was named Wing Crew Chief of the Month and got to fly in a F-4 Phantom II. Ten years later, I got a Ride in a F-16. You can do your whole career and not get a single ride. Celebrities get [...]


Shuttle Fini Flights

The Shuttle Atlantis blasted off for the last time yesterday for a planned 12 day mission (STS-132).
There are two remaining flights in the program. Discovery (STS133) will fly on or about 16 September, 2010. Endeavor (STS134) will be the last Shuttle in orbit in mid November, 2010.


Max Launch Abort System

NASA’s Max Launch Abort System Test from PopSci.com on Vimeo. This is a test of a proposed escape system for the Orion Spaceship. Oriion will be the next manned system to replace the Shuttle if it survives budget cuts. The Orion design currently has an escape rocket similar to the Apollo system. MLAS is an [...]


White Knight II Unveiled

Virgin Galactic unveiled it’s latest design, The White Knight II. The jet powered craft will carry the sub orbital Spaceship II aloft.

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Austrailia Has Doubts About F-35

There is only one of them so far and it has flown seven times. It has had a mysterious ground abort at Pax River awhile back and to my knowledge hasn’t flown since.Packaged as the Joint Strike Fighter, it will be flown by all of our services and as many allies as we can convince.We [...]