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Malaysian Flight Shot Down, But Why?

It not the first time an airliner has been shot down and there are so many spins out there right now that the media really does look like circus act. Let’s ask some basic questions and see what unusual answer pops up.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370???

I know my readership has a wealth of aviation knowledge and the crash is rife with speculation. I invite you to post your theory.


Boeing 777 Crashes at SFO

An Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 flight 214 with 307 souls on board crashed on landing. The crew had declared an emergency and was cleared to land. Initial videos show that the aircraft had a ramp strike on the approach end over run.


Boeing 777 Crashes at Heathrow

17 JAN 2008.
An British Airways Boeing 777 has crashed at Heathrow Airport, London, U.K. It is the first crash of Boeing newest airliner.

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