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On the first of November, 2011, LOT Airlines Flight LO-16 a Boeing 767-300ER (SP-LPC) took off from Newark Liberty International Airport. In complete control, the aircraft touched down at 140 knot airspeed.


Your Job Does NOT Suck

Do you ever wonder where your poop goes when you go on an airplane? In the good old days it went “out”. Dumped in mid air. After more than a few people being bombed by frozen poop, the airlines decided to keep it. So the next time you’re boarding, please note that someone is under the aircraft emptying the shitter.


Boeing’s Gear Won’t Go Down Again

Right on the heels of the 767 gear mishap in Poland, now the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is having problems. The pilots flying the two 787’s delivered to All Nippon Airways had to extend the landing manually when normal hydraulic systems failed. Boeing and ANA reported the glitches today just two weeks after the aircraft entered service in Japan.


Polish 767 Lands with the Gear Up

Warsaw- Polish Airlines Flight 016 from New York City bound for Warsaw, Poland landed with the gear up today. After circling Warsaw and failing to extend the landing gear the LOT airline pilot brought her on in.

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