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Pastor Jon and the Benghazi Attack

While the Attack in Benghazi was underway, the State Department and White House was already in the spin mode seeking a plausible “cause” of the violence. At first they wanted to pin it on an innocent Oregon Pastor. His lesson is moving for Christians, informative for atheists and will probably piss off Muslims.


Barrett Jackson Auction, Las Vegas, 2015

We went to the Barrett Jackson Auction this weekend. What did you do?

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Attention Las Vegans and anyone else for that matter. PHISHING SCAM ALERT! No joke. this post is NOT a scam.


Today is the Pi Day of the Century

Math Geeks around the World are celebrating "Pi Day". The rest of you can follow along or look up the answers in the back of the book. But not just any "Pi Day". Today at precisely 9:26:53 AM it will be the Pi Moment. This will not occur again until March 14th, 2115.


Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

Do you really want to get her a big giant bear?