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Iranian Tomcats Get New Paint Job

F-14’s of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force could be sporting more than a new paint job. Back in 2007, The Lucky Puppy reported on the possibility that France might help Iran resurrect their Tomcat fleet.


“I’ve Got a Great Polaroid of It”

Remember when Maverick was show boating with that MiG in “Topgun”? An Air Force pilot came pretty close to recreating that movie magic.

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Fascinators Banned from the Royal Ascot       <BR>   “BOO I Say..BOOOO!”

Here are some examples from 2012.

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Best of The Lucky Puppy in 2012

Loyal Readers agree. Here’s some of our best stuff from 2012.


Obama “a Communist without question”- An Expert Opinion

No other than Vladimir Putin and Pravda outed President Obama as a “Communist without question”. This speech was published in a 19 November edition of Pravda. Can you name a better expert on who is or is not a communist.

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Obama Uses Sandy Hook Kids to Further His Agenda

Living up up his mantra of “don’t waste any crises to further our agenda”, Obama has struck a low point by standing on the bodies of Sandy Hook to further his fiscal agenda.


Santa Claus is Coming for You

Loyal Readers know that we would have a different take on Santa….Enjoy.


Christmas Flash Mobs

If these do not tear you up, it sucks to be you. Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of year when we at the Lucky Puppy wish you and your a Merry Christmas or whatever the fuck you call it.


No Virginia, There is No Sucession Petition.

DO NOT SIGN THESE PETITIONS!!!! You are putting your name on a list that goes right to the White House. You are identifying yourself as an opponent of the Government and leaves you vulnerable to prosecution under the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 for treason. You can be put to death. It’s the last federal law on the books that carries the death penalty