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On the first of November, 2011, LOT Airlines Flight LO-16 a Boeing 767-300ER (SP-LPC) took off from Newark Liberty International Airport. In complete control, the aircraft touched down at 140 knot airspeed.


Cold Lake RCAF Crash

10-JUN-2011- Lt. Col. Lee Vogan and Capt. Jens Lundgreen-Nielsen of the 419th Tactical Fighter Squadron, escaped injury after ejecting from their military plane moments before the jet came crashing down west of Cold Lake.
The aircraft, a CT-155 used to train fighter pilots, went down at 11:40 AM.


Polish 767 Lands with the Gear Up

Warsaw- Polish Airlines Flight 016 from New York City bound for Warsaw, Poland landed with the gear up today. After circling Warsaw and failing to extend the landing gear the LOT airline pilot brought her on in.

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Jenny Makes Super Bowl Prediction

Jenny has correctly predicted the Super Bowl winner for the last eight years. Which is pretty good since Jenny is an elephant living at the Dallas Zoo. Trainers put water melons bearing team logos out and the one she stomps is destined to be the Super Loser.