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Shark Attacks at Marina Beach

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Stories of shark attacks from my home town, Marina California.

Marina Beach.

Back in high school, Marina Beach was a great make out spot but nobody ever went in the water.  The ocean goes from sea level to a depth of 5000 feet in about a quarter of a mile.  This creates a killer rip tide.  The Monterey Canyon descends to a depth of 11,000 and was classified for national security because it was a suspected launch site for Soviet ballistic missile submarines against San Francisco.    In the 70’s people kept drowning there on a regular basis.  When I went back home in 1998 I was stunned to see people SURFING at Marina State Beach.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse…..

Todd Endris, 24, was the victim of this attack.  To read more about who came to his rescue , click here.

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