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Yes Loyal Readers, our Gallery is back.  After a two year hiatus caused by my ISP Bravenet and my gallery shell Piwgo doing upgrades to make things “better”.  The combination of upgrades prevented me from uploading new pictures.  There’s 10 years of work in our gallery and we didn’t want to lose and get a different one.  Maybe one that didn’t speak French.  

Friday we switched the Gallery to those wonderful people at GoDaddy.com.  Seriously, they’re wonderful, delightful and wicked smart.  Not only that they speak ENGLISH.  They really had me at “Hello”.  

If things keep getting better, we’ll drag the whole shebang over to GoDaddy.com.  Until then, keeping clicking our sponsors, buy some shirts or just donate so we can afford to keep The Lucky Puppy alive and well.

Come check it out.  Rate the pictures with stars, leave comment, tell us what sucks. We are still adding pictures so visit often to see what’s new.  There’s plenty of Meme War ammo in the Humor Section.

Can’t wait? Click here.

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