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Real Klingon Cloaking Device

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The A7DK Mk1 Cloaking Device.

The A7DK Mk1 Cloaking Device.



The “Klingon Cloaking Device” ( this example in MAT at Holloman). As I’m sure most forum members know the A-7D/K, operated by 4452 TS “Goatsuckers”, was used for a variety of duties including – under the guise of advanced EW testing – as a ‘cover’ for 4450th ops. One its’ most important roles was to recce potential F-117 TDY operating locations both in the US (e.g.Homestead) & abroad (e.g. Kunsan S.Korea/’Young Tiger’, Japan & *of course* UK). In support of this the A-7’s were accompanied by all the OSI/SP security that an F-117 might attract. In the words of Col Doug Robinson (former 4450 TG DCM) “We needed some purpose for the A-7s to be so special, and have all the attention and security….It was in this vein that TSgt’s. Phillip Barta
and Charles Baggerly took a BLU-27 Napalm bomb shell, reinforced it according to TAC instructions for a baggage pod and constructed the ‘Klingon cloaking device’. It has the front lens from an electro-optically guided glide bomb on the nose with a red light that had a soft pulsing glow showing through a ground glass lens. It had numerous blade
antennas from the UHF and VHF frequency spectrum and several faux blowout ports similar to those used as exhaust ports for gas grain generators on early generation nuclear weapons.”
A-7D 4450th TG
“It was truly an awesome looking thing when mounted under the wing of an A-7.”
The security police detachment’s performance was nothing short of outstanding in their support of the “special” A-7 aircraft of the 4450th. I’m sure that they left memorable impressions on anyone that wandered within close proximity of our A-7s. Chief Ralph Panzarino trained and equipped his security personnel well. Rumor had it that by the third day of Young Tiger exercises at Kunsan AB, when our A-7s approached the end of the runway “last chance inspection area,” with a security police escort, the local end of runway crews would go inside the shelter and voluntarily face the wall until the A-7s had taken the active runway. (read more)
[ED Note: My two cents with a “No Shit War Story”.]
The preparation and experience paid off in spades.  While bombing Iraq during Desert Storm the wing was tasked to send a F-117 to of all places, the Paris Airshow. On display, the aircraft was roped off with not one but two rings of rope.  Security Police were stationed in between the rope lines along with the Designated Stealth Pilot and the Designated Stealth Crew Chief.  The Rules of Engagement were: Step over the first rope line get beat up. Step over the second rope line and get shot. Period.
A gentleman in a very expensive suit approached and casually stepped over the first rope line. The Designated Stealth Pilot, who had played Fullback at BSU promptly picked this guy up and threw him out of the area. At this point other gentlemen in expensive suits drew their automatic weapons which garnered the undivided attention of the Security Guards.
The guy thrown by the Pilot was none other than the French Defense Minister. So it was a tense moment as everyone was pointing machine guns at each other with thousands of innocent bystanders milling around.
Cool heads prevailed. No the Defense Minister did not get to touch a Stealth Fighter.


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