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Most Expensive Music Video in History

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At a whopping $150 Billion with a “B” U.S. dollars, a video of a David Bowie cover debuted yesterday.  Granted, most of the money went to set construction and location scouting.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield made headlines tweeting with Captain Kirk.  Now Chris has published a farewell  music video as he departs the International Space Station today.

Hadfield was described as “perhaps the most social media savvy astronaut ever to leave Earth” by Forbes after building a considerable audience on social media, including over 760,000 Twitter followers as of May 2013,[10] and creating one of the top Reddit AmA threads of all time.[11] Hadfield has enlisted the help of his web-savvy sons Evan and Kyle to manage his social media presence.

Yeah, that’s him really singing. No lip syncing.


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