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Hey Barry, Guess What Happened in Egypt Today

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Remember when Obama and Secretary Clinton and the rest of the gang were touting “The Arab Spring”?  That the green shoots of democracy were growing in Egypt  and around the Middle East.

Here is a speech Great Leader gave on his recent trip to Egypt.

Here’s a video released today  of the Egyptian High Council discussing the construction of a dam in Ethiopia which would dam the Nile before it gets to Egypt.  For those of you who are impatient, the fireworks start at 4:52. One feller didn’t know his microphone was hot.

President in a spirit of cooperation and democracy has sold F-16 fighters and M-1 tanks to the Mohamed Brotherhood. The folks who now run Egypt. The ones in the video.


That’s one Hell of a Foreign Policy you got there Mr. President.  Kinda like shooting blanks in the dark.


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