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GM Experiencing Undervoltage

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The Volt by Chevrolet was touted by Dear Leader as the car of the future. Stylish and high performance, yet green as Green Tea.  Das Wundarcar went on sale in January and racked up…wait for it……….

More popular than the Leaf!!


Great Leader backed this Eco-box with YOUR money. The TAXPAYERS pay 7500 Bucks for every Volt.

The news gets better…

Sales in February were 281 Volts.  So there seems to be a Voltage drain on the system. Obama’s goal (not GM’s, but it really is) to have a million Volts on the road and will take until the year 2243 when we’ll have flying cars anyway.

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  • Abby March 8, 2011, 06:31

    But look how cool it is!!! I want one.

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