Girls’ Softball

If you haven’t been out to see a girls’ softball game, you have missed a lot. Last Saturday it was the Dare Devils versus the Baseburners. It was one four games under the lights for the Sunrise Girls’ Fastpitch Softball League.

Four games at once at Shadow Rock Park.


These teams were the 11 to 14 year old group, but don’t let the pony tails fool you. These young ladies are serious about their game.

Serious Business.
Check out those sox!

One distinct feature of girl’s softball are the cheers. There are no cheer leaders. The teams do their own cheers to pump up their spirit or taunt the opposition. There are some that can’t quite be described as cute.


We don’t play with barbie dolls
We just play with bats and balls
We dont wear no minny skirt
We just wear some pants and shirts
We dont drink no lemonade
We just drink our powerade
so if I were you,I’d scoot your booty back
but I’m not you so I’d stay where your at.


It's a HIT!!


Hit the Pitcher, hit the pitcher

Hit the pitcher with the ball.

Hit it hard and knock her over,

Hit the pitcher with the ball.

“My Darling Clementine”

This next one is exceptionally cruel at a girls’ game….


(to pitcher w/ high balls)

Everybody. Someone

Call the doctor

She’s throwing up! (make throw up sound)


Mirror, mirror on the wall,

who’s the prettiest girl of all?
Pretty girls don’t hit the ball!
Lets get dirty lets get mean, lets go out and
beat this team.

More cheers here.


So for Fall Ball it’s chocolate before the game and chocolate at the seventh inning stretch.




7 thoughts on “Girls’ Softball

  1. Okay dad misheard “softball girls” It goes like this (after every sentence the rest of the team says what the “leader” said We dont play with barbie dolls! All we play with are bats and balls.we dont wear no minnyskirts! all we wear are softball shorts! we dont drink no lemonade! all we drink is gatorade! Goooooo TEAMNAME!!!!!! the last part he said was a totally different cheer if youwant to read the real cheers go to

  2. • Hi ho, hi ho,
    it’s off to first we go,
    then second then third then home again
    hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho.
    (when walked, sung to the seven dwarfs

    Hit it hard, down the middle,
    make the pitcher bend a little,
    make her (clap, clap) eat some dirt.

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