Desert Storm

I’m going out on a limb and posting my first F-117 story from Desert Storm.

This is no shit.

I was taking my turn as NCOIC of the EOR.  For civilians and Nonners, this means I was in charge of the End of Runway Crew.  EOR is where we get one last look at the jet before it takes off.

So as night began to fall, we were in one van and the Saudi EOR crew were in theirs. Four Saudi F-15’s come back and are de-armed and sent back to their shelters. Then it got dark.  We work in the dark, the Saudis were afraid of the dark.  They had a huge light tower that they turned on.  This was No Bueno for us because we had airplanes coming out to launch.  I told Ken* to go turn off the lights.  He did.  As soon as he did, the Saudis came scurrying out to turn it back on.  I sent Ken* back out and he turns them off a second time.  By the time he gets back into the truck, the lights are back on.  I handed him a pair of dykes and said, “Make sure that damn thing doesn’t turn on again.  He gleefully runs out there again.  Snip, snip, snip.  No more lights

Problem solved.

This gives you an idea of our set up.

Our planes show.  We look them over and they leave.  But there is a problem.  One jet is missing.

Shortly thereafter, another set of F-15’s come back.  The Saudi’s, with flashlights, de-arm them and send them on their way.



Saudi F-15


We’re Comm out so I can’t call to ask what’s happening so we wait.  As we’re looking down the taxi way looking for our jet.  It finally appears. At the other end of the revetment.  Coming out of the desert.  Popping a wheelie with dirt and dust flying off the main tires.


It was really quite a sight.

We all run down to that end and I plug into the intercom system.

Me: “What the fuck?”


Pilot*: (meekly) “Am I all right?”

ME: “Yes sir.  You’re good to go.  Good Bye and Good Hunting”

*Name changed to protect the guilty.


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