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David C. Dolby

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On Friday, August 6, David C. Dolby passed away suddenly in Spirit Lake , Idaho at the age of 64. Childless, Mr. Dolby had lived in virtual seclusion in the town of Barto , PA since the passing of his wife in 1997. Barto is so small and insignificant the Rand McNally Atlas doesn’t even list it in its appendix. Mr. Dolby’s passing went so unnoticed that even his hometown paper didn’t acknowledge it. His passing was announced by an organization to which he belonged. Evidently most felt Mr. Dolby’s death didn’t merit any notice at all and almost nobody gave it a thought. He apparently hadn’t done anything in his life to merit any special attention.

Three days later, on Monday, August 9, Steven Slater, a childish, immature loser who up until that day had pretty much gone as unnoticed as David Dolby, threw a temper tantrum on a Jet Blue airplane at John F. Kennedy airport because his personal pet peeve is luggage that shifts during flight (or maybe it was tray tables not being in their upright and locked position). Focused on such a newsworthy person as Slater, David C. Dolby didn’t get 30 seconds of airtime.

David’s was buried in Arlington Cemetery. It was a quiet ceremony with a small group of mourners. People who had the honor to know David.

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  • Ken Rankin September 9, 2010, 05:36

    We didn’t know about his passing because nobody put it on twitter or facebook. It was not on any of the entertainment shows, competing for time with Paris Hilton or any of the several groups of people out of New Jersey that people seem to want to watch. It is sad that what people find important has changed in such a dramatic way. Who would people rather be like? As so many generations have said before, “I fear for our future.”

  • Rob BUCK Buchanan September 11, 2010, 21:40

    Kenny, couldn’t of said it better myself. Sad isn’t it?

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