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Has Better Deals Been Pissing You Off?

I’m not another bullshit site that wants to sell you something or ruin your day by installing Malware like Betterdeals. Read this post and I’ll tell you how I finally got my computer back.


What Do You Believe In?

How open minded are you? Score one point for each item on our list and post your total.


Best Genius Test of All Time

Anyone can Google these days. But if you get the answer on your own you RULE!!


Today is the Pi Day of the Century

Math Geeks around the World are celebrating “Pi Day”. The rest of you can follow along or look up the answers in the back of the book. But not just any “Pi Day”. Today at precisely 9:26:53 AM it will be the Pi Moment. This will not occur again until March 14th, 2115.


Walt’s Desk

Our OCD readers will LOVE this. In the spirit of “I Spy with My Little Eye”, try and figure out what’s on my desk.

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Help Us and Win!

We’re announcing the first Lucky Puppy contest. Starting today, anyone who donates to the Lucky Puppy will be entered into our give away contest. The contest will run to midnight on May 15th. The winner will be the donor who has donated the most in one donation. Donate as many times as you wish but [...]


Farmville Too Much

Yeah, I’ve been playing Farmville2 too much.


Adobe Flash Not Working for You?

Let me guess.  You’ve updated your Adobe Flash and your Zanga still aren’t really working as well as you want.  Here’s what fixed my problem. The wife talked me into playing Farmville 2 (which is waaaay better than the old Farmville) but she was flying over there on her lap top.  Her little avatar was [...]

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Posting with a Dragon

Now Dragon can help me post articles easier and quickly.


Christmas Puzzle

No hints. No instructions. Have at it.