The BeaTles

us and the Fab Four

As a teenager, I was a BIG Beatles fan. When Yoko broke them up and I still blame her to this day; I went to my backyard and shot up about $1000 dollars [today] of Beatles 45’s. When John was gunned down by that lunatic, she was right there. SHE WAS RIGHT THERE! Why didn’t she jump to stop the bullet? Why didn’t she commit Suttee?

January 30th, 1969

By January, 1969 the Band was grinding to a stop. John was fighting a Heroin addiction, George had simply quit the band, Paul was the ever cheerful cheerleader trying to keep everyone happy and Ringo simply wanted to play music. Than Band had been in the studio for years and they all craved a live performance. the idea of a live performance was part of the Let it Be Project. On January 30th, Paul “suggested” they record at the Apple Studio. In the studio, they reminisced over many scotch and waters about the good old days of playing in front of a live audience. Little was being recorded except a bitch session.

John said, “Bugger it, the roof’s a good idea. We can always film something real later.” Except there would be no “later”.

Saw these Lads in Charleston SC.
fab four
Charleston SC.
fab four


Paleontologist Dr. Jack Horner, Phd has changed the study of dinosaurs so much that almost everything you know is wrong.

Horner tried to answer the question, “Where are all the baby dinosaurs?” In Montana, he found dinosaur eggs, the first dinosaur nests and the first baby dinosaurs in a nest. The idea that dinosaurs were social so well depicted in Jurassic Park was Horner’s idea.

Using Ontogeny, the study of organism growth and more specifically Allometric Cranial Ontogeny, the study of skull growth in birds, Horner was able to wipe out 60% of the “known” dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Period.

Because of Horner’s work, birds are now classified as Avian Dinosaurs. This link gave rise to theories that dinosaurs didn’t look lizard like at all but may have had feathers in the smaller species and a kind of down in the larger ones.

Artist-JK Palmer

Now we get to the Chickensaurus. Dino DNA simply does not exist. However, with gene manipulation Horner is trying to make a chicken a dinosaur.

Where are we Now?