MeWe- It’s Like Facebook for Responsible Adults.

What’s the difference between Facebook and Mewe. Actually, not a lot. We have groups to join and memes to post. Yes you can bring your cats. The biggest difference is the first friend I may on Mewe was a lady named Cathy. A USMC wife and Mom, her profile picture is topless.
Follow the link to see what I mean. It is most definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK.


Click here for the Good Kush

The New Puppy Coin

A place we can discuss this project off of Facebook.

First Design [draft]
Design 002

Areas in Black will be Antique Brass.

If you have graphics, join the team and upload them on the GoFundMe page above.

The initial run will 25 coins.  Coins, not people, so toss in $20 per coin if you want one.  The first run is at cost to get things going.  Paul has made a generous donation and can be getting five coins if he chooses.  If more than $500 is raised your donation will be applied to the second run at $20 per coin.  The minimum production run is 25 coins so if you’re not in on the first run you’ll be waiting for a while.

Now have at it and tell me what you think. We unlimited changes to the design until they cut the die.