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Camaros at Snow Mountain

Driving up and down Highway 95 between Las Vegas and Indian Springs let’s you see unusual things. Like this….

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Free Stuff You Can Do in Vegas

Don’t want to donate your Life’s Savings to the casinos? Oh, you have and now want to do something? Go here…


Frightdome 2013

Our annual trip to the Frightdome started off a little rocky. Actually, it was totally fucked up, but they pulled their head out of their ass and made it our best trip yet.


Jackie Goes to the Vet

Our Boston Terrier, Jackie had to go to the vet today :( She’s got some wicked claws and it’s a three man job to get them cut.  To control them naturally, she and I were walking every morning.  Then we had a “killer dog” loose in the park.  It was jumping the piece of shit [...]


Star Trekking in Las Vegas 2013

It dawned on me today. Star Trek conventions are like Renaissance Fairs with air conditioning.


You Deserve New Kicks

Get 40% off your next Reebok purchase. No bullshit. No spam. This is the Read Deal.


OMG! It’s Hot as Fuck Outside

The Summer of 2013 is going down in history as “Toasty”. Records are being broken all over the Southwest. The forecast for Death Valley this weekend is 130 in the shade. FOUR degrees short of the all time high. Phoeniz Arizona might hit 120. Two degrees off the record. Las Vegas will top out at 117. This heat wave is expected to last through the weekend when it will cool down to what we call “Sweater Weather”. You folks might call it 90 degrees.


Memorial Cruisers Make it to Las Vegas

We spotted the Memorial Cruisers parked in front of Artemus Hall on the UNLV campus.


The Coca Cola Store- Las Vegas

As a surprise, I turned my Bride loose in M and M World. After that it was, “Let’s do Coke”. I was hoping to visit the Coke museum but was informed by the manager that it had been taken down THIRTEEN YEARS AGO. We don’t get to the strip much. I “glamored” him with the “WE JUST GOT MARRIED” and he fessed up an order of “Tastes OF the World” on the house.


Rosie Does the Frightdome

Dad and Uncle Andy hit the Frightdome again. Rosie goes for the first time. This was the first time we didn’t get there before the doors opened. That was a Good Thing and a Bad Thing. It was good because we sailed through the line. The Bad Thing was the Parking Garage, but more on that later.

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