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65 Mustang

I fell in Love with Mustangs way back in 1978.  At George AFB, my trainer Jeff Hofer let me be a “tool passer” as he rebuilt a 1967. We were busting out the old motor mounts with an impact hammer while beating the socket with 3 lb. sledge.  The Craftsman socket split open.  I was [...]

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Rub One Out While You Leave a Comment

We’ll be discussing masturbation. While the post is NQNSFW (Not Quite Safe For Work), watching while at work will get strange looks from your co-workers.


Barrett Jackson Auction, Las Vegas, 2015

We went to the Barrett Jackson Auction this weekend. What did you do?

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Dallas Cowboys Fan

Dallas Cowboys, the American Team. I have been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys since the 80’s.


Salute to the Confederate Flag

We searched the Internets to bring you the finest of Confederate Flags.


Save Second Base

The Lucky Puppy celebrates that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Enjoy.

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