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The Atomic Bomb

Take it from One,
Who Knows the Score,
The 509th,
Is Winning the War.

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Why is Hamilton Being Replaced on the Ten?

This was going to be a funny post until until I started thinking about it.


The Space Shuttle Challenger

Today is the anniversary of the Shuttle Challenger explosion.


Viking Riddles

“Let’s kill all the men and rape all the women, and dammit, get it right this time.” Yeah, Yeah. We all know how Vikings have the rep for being badasses. But did you know that Viking Warriors were judged on their skill as wordsmiths? Take a shot at these Real Viking Riddles.


The F-14 Tomcat in Combat

"F Arba Ashara! Yalla! Yalla!" In English, that's "F-14! RUN! RUN!". A common radio call for Iraqi fighter pilots in the Eighties.

The Tomcat made its combat debut during Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of American citizens from Saigon, in April 1975. F-14As from Fighter Squadron 1 (VF-1) and VF-2, operating from the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), flew combat air patrols over South Vietnam to provide fighter cover for the evacuation route. Tomcats of the U.S. Navy shot down two Libyan Su-22's on 19 August 1981.

But Iranian F-14's had been blasting Iraqi MiGs out of the sky since September, 1980.


Where Were You on September 11th??

I was laying on the sofa watching "In Harm's Way". I had just delivered the boys to school.


Where were You when Apollo 11 Landed on the Moon?

Today is the anniversary of Apollo 11 launching to the Moon.


JFK Reloaded

November 22nd, 1963, the anniversary of the assassination of our 35th President, John F. Kennedy. In the spirit of full disclosure I must admit to a quirky hobby. Presidential Assassinations.

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NORAD Tracks Santa

In 1955, a Colorado Springs-based Sears store ran an advertisement encouraging children to call Santa Claus on a special telephone hotline. Due to a printing error, the phone number that was printed was the hotline for the Director of Operations at the Continental Air Defense (CONAD). Colonel Harry Shoup took the first Santa call on [...]


Happy Anniversary Mr. Gorsky

In honor of the 50th anniversary of NASA, I humbly offer this story.

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