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Rosie Does Improv

Rosie is in Rimprov this year. She invited me to come see. So I did.


Rosie Knows Guns

I was just replying to a Facebook post and got carried away. Then I noticed that my daughter Rosie has a solid foundation in weapon safety.


Rosie Rides the Manhatten Express

Since she was ten, Rosie has been itching to ride The Manhattan Express, the roller coaster at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino.


Rosie is a Teenager

I asked Rosie what she wanted for her 13th birthday and she practically shouted, “DICKS!”


Rosie Does the Frightdome

Dad and Uncle Andy hit the Frightdome again. Rosie goes for the first time. This was the first time we didn’t get there before the doors opened. That was a Good Thing and a Bad Thing. It was good because we sailed through the line. The Bad Thing was the Parking Garage, but more on that later.

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Rosie Eats a Scorpion

My daughter says the coolest things. When I tell friends and family, they frequently say “Really? She said that?” This time I got it on tape. Enjoy and leave comments. Click here if the video does not load.  She has her own blog. Click here to read it. Seriously…click the link below and comment.


Rosie and the Flower Shop

When work or softball don’t interfere, Rosie and I spend the weekends together. Saturday morning tends to be filled with errands Dads have to do and which bore daughters to death. I had some banking to do and Rosie asked to visit the florist next door. She likes to hang out there and she’s mentioned [...]


Rosie Blazes Away

Aside from living in the dread of winning an all expense paid vacation to Las Vegas, living in Las Vegas has a couple of cool perks. Was waiting at the stop light when this pulled up. So, the line moves up and my trusty Blog Photographer and Daughter blazes away with the “Good Camera”. Maybe [...]


Mission iRosie

Three grown men team up to get one small girl into one small picture. Last weekend, Miranda Cosgrove was in Vegas to open  Bite of  Las Vegas. The plan was to surprise Rosie.  She’s a big iCarly fan. Her brother Timm was the mastermind.  She thought he was taking her to McDonald’s.  The Team formed [...]


Rosie Asks a Question

A couple of years ago, I had a friend whose adult child died in a car wreck. I wanted to attend the memorial but had Rosie with me (I had visitation). When we parked at the funeral home, it went like this. Dad: “Stay in the car with Uncle Andy.” Rosie:” I don’t wanna.” Dad: [...]