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Best Genius Test of All Time

Anyone can Google these days. But if you get the answer on your own you RULE!!


What Happened to Harry Reid?

Do you really believe that “Pinky” got mugged by his exercise machine? Read on Loyal Reader..


Barry Out of the Closet

Guess who was the first Homosexual President ? President Buchanan. Bet you thought I was going to say Obama.


The Minnow was a Sturdy Old Boat

The Minnow was a sturdy old boat. She had spent many years fishing the waters of Hawaii. A 1964 Wheeler, she was 38 feet, six inches from stem to stern. Each of her twin Detroit diesel engines produced 230 horsepower. Together that gave the Minnow a top speed of 14 knots but she liked to cruise at twelve. This suited her skipper, Jonas just fine. He had bought her at auction and put in a lot of “sweat equity” into her tired old hull. That was four years ago and now she was docked at the Honolulu Marina. Her brand new paint job of white sparkled in the Hawaiian sun. The Minnow was Jonas’ pride and joy.


Today is the Pi Day of the Century

Math Geeks around the World are celebrating “Pi Day”. The rest of you can follow along or look up the answers in the back of the book. But not just any “Pi Day”. Today at precisely 9:26:53 AM it will be the Pi Moment. This will not occur again until March 14th, 2115.


LtCol Lyle C. Beckers

Verbatum from F-4 Phantom Memories. I couldn’t say it any better.


Most Awesome Lucky Puppies Now Pics

It was the Best of Times and it was the Worst of Times. The men and women I served with in the 313th TFS/AMU were and ARE the finest people I’ve ever met. Here is evidence that they are STILL awesome. Yes this isn’t everyone. Add your awesome picture.


B-29 Super Fortress “Fifi”

Every now and again I come across a video that inspires a post. This is one of those times.


Harrison Ford Survives Air Crash

Piloting a vintage 1942 PT-22 “Recruit”, Harrison Ford made an emergency landing on the eighth hole of the Penmar Golf Course in Mar Vista, California.


Those bastards at Uncyclopedia DELETED my Air Force Slang Page, deleting work that was ten years in progress involving the contributions of thousands hundreds a few people

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