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Olympus has Fallen- The Mistakes

Olympus has Fallen is a excellent action romp with a feel good patriotic ending.  But…some artistic license has been taken to move the story a long. SPOILER ALERT!!  I’m talking about the plot after the trailer. We’re not talking about bloopers or lack of continuity.  Here’s our list of stuff that would just not happen. [...]


It’s a Death Sentence for Hasan

A military court on Wednesday sentenced Major Nidal Hasan to death for the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Read the whole story here.

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Attack Syria? Wait a Minute.

As the Obama administration gears up to bomb Syria let’s look at a couple of “facts”.

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Why Your Next Holiday Should be in Russia

They’re going to need a bigger beach.


Helicopters Get Water to Fight Fires.

With most of the Pacific Northwest covered in forest fires you might see this if you look out your back window.


Undefeated Dolphins Invited to White House

After 41 years the 1972 “Undefeated” Miami Dolphins get invited to the White House.


Rosie Rides the Manhatten Express

Since she was ten, Rosie has been itching to ride The Manhattan Express, the roller coaster at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino.


The Russian Knights

Russians giving the Blue Angels a run for their money. Okay, the USAF Thunderbirds too.

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Things You Should Know Before You’re 18.

Are you teaching your kids to be independent? Can you do everything on this list?


Single Serving Star Trek Friends- Part Two

Star Trek conventions are like Renaissance Fairs, but with air conditioning. Many folks come wearing period costumes. Some brandishing weapons.

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