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Old TV Shows

Do some of you remembering watching TV as a kid? Inspired by a rather odd description of “Star Trek”, I’ve decided to coin a couple of my own.


Little Boy has Leukemia

This is Patrick. He’s two years old and has leukemia.


San Diego Air and Space Museum

We were in San Diego for a family reunion at the zoo. But on day two we took a side trip to the San Diego Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park.


Then and Now

There’s a website called “Young Me/Now Me” by a gentleman (I think) by the name of ZeFrank (I think). It’s all quite mysterious if you think about it. Wouldn’t be great if his first name was Frank?
This is our offering. What do you think?


Abby Gabs at Comicon Day One

Abby, CEO and Founder of Abby Gabs is at the San Diego Comicom. Escorted by her dashing husband and my Number One Son Brian. We’re going to post their comings and goings until Abby gets back to a keyboard and upload her Awesome Comicon Post.

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Where were You when Apollo 11 Landed on the Moon?

Today is the anniversary of Apollo 11 launching to the Moon.


Community Organizer in Chief Silent as Riots Erupt

Is this the Change he was talking about?


Teenager Saves Abducted Girl

We have seen this scenario too many times. A child is suddenly missing and the neighborhood mobilizes to search for the child. But this time there is a happy ending.

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FNG Pranks in the Air Force

We have all sent the new guy to the tool room to get a bucket of prop wash or 100 feet of flight line. But there are more elaborate pranks that still worked just fine.


Red Card for the Race Card.

Americans call it Soccer. If you’re not playing fair. If you’re playing in a dangerous way? If you pick a fight? You draw a Red Card from the Ref. You are ejected from the game. It’s about time to draw the Red Card for Racism in America.

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