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The Cranky Old Man

I nicked this off of Facebook. Try to not cry.


OMG! It’s Hot as Fuck Outside

The Summer of 2013 is going down in history as “Toasty”. Records are being broken all over the Southwest. The forecast for Death Valley this weekend is 130 in the shade. FOUR degrees short of the all time high. Phoeniz Arizona might hit 120. Two degrees off the record. Las Vegas will top out at 117. This heat wave is expected to last through the weekend when it will cool down to what we call “Sweater Weather”. You folks might call it 90 degrees.


The Only Flying Focker Wulf FW190

A crashed FW-190 was found in a birch forest outside of Leningrad back in 1989. It was recovered in 1991 and passed through a couple of owners. Paul Allen funded the final restoration and the aircraft took to the air again in November, 2010. If the Me-109 was a Corvette, then the FW-190 was a Buick.


George AFB 1979

My first assignment in the US Air Force was at George AFB, California. I was a crew chief assigned to White Section,B Flight. Were you there too?


The Real Trunk Monkey

The “Trunk Monkey” videos have been on the Internet for years but check this out.


TOTUS Fails POTUS in Berlin

The Teleprompter in Chief failed our President during his speech at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. Facing a HUGE crowd of 6000 Germans, Barry soldiered on ….sort of.


Fascinators Banned from the Royal Ascot       <BR>   “BOO I Say..BOOOO!”

Here are some examples from 2012.

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Who was Alex Okrent?

I have a confession. From time to time I peek into barrackobama.com. Today, I found this little blurp at the bottom.


Three Shots at Fathers Day

When I was eight I remember being on the business end of an ass whooping and as I cried myself to sleep I vowed to be a better Dad than what I got stuck with. FYI: Dad delivered said ass whooping right after I burned down our basement. Feel free to judge.


Hey Barry, Guess What Happened in Egypt Today

Remember when Obama and Secretary Clinton and the rest of the gang were touting “The Arab Spring”? That the green shoots of democracy were growing in Egypt and around the Middle East.