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747 Crashes at Bagram Airport

A National Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 freighter on behalf of US Mobility Command, registration N949CA performing cargo flight N8-102 from Bagram (Afghanistan) to Dubai Al Maktoum (United Arab Emirates) with 7 crew and cargo consisting of 5 military vehicles, has crashed shortly after takeoff


A Marine Stands His Post

Found this on Facebook. It maybe fiction, but who cares? Read on True Believer.


English Pronunciation

If you can pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world.


Rosie is a Teenager

I asked Rosie what she wanted for her 13th birthday and she practically shouted, “DICKS!”


Rookie News Anchor has Epic Blooper on First Day

Thanks A.J. and now here’s the Weather….
We’d like to point out that we at the Lucky Puppy beat the national news cycle on this one by TWO DAYS. Good ol’ A.J. Clemente was just on Letterman. Because of the first two words uttered in his broadcast career, he got canned. Let’s hear from you. Who wants A.J. on your local news tomorrow!!!!


Gun Control- The Bottom Line

This particular argument is at the heart of the Gun Control issue. I chose the picture used very carefully. I could’ve easily used the military or another SWAT unit. I chose the heroic efforts of the Boston PD to illustrate the power of the STATE. When the city was “locked down” it hovered on the brink of martial law if not de facto martial law. All that was missing was a warning that violators would be shot. I chose Boston PD because of the stark contrast of the use of Power and the misuse of Power.


Bad News Comes in Threes or Fours?

Mysterious explosions rip through Midwest in wake of Boston bombing.

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Sandy Hook- Wait Just a God Damned Minute.

Sandy Hook Elementary. A National Tragedy. A Call for Gun Control. Wait a minute. I smell a rat.


Tell me Again How Bad a Day You’ve Had…

Roy P. Benavidez- ​Soldier, Patriot, Badass of the First Order. The Medal of Honor he was awarded is just part of Roy’s story.


North Korea Mobilizes for War with U.S.

Well…at least they’re trying….