Montserrat Moms Bare Breasts to Boost Bussing

Faced with financial problems, the town of Montserrat, Spain cut the school bus route.  Finding the situation unacceptable, the Montserrat Moms take things in their own hands to raise funds to restore the school bus route for their kiddies.


They banded together to do the reasonable thing and publish a nude calendar. No JOKE.

Montserrat Calendar MILFS hold press conference.

Our tireless staff here at the Lucky Puppy have searched the world wide web to find these ladies.

Many posed along the six kilometer route their children have to take now that the bus doesn’t pick them up.


Some brought their kids along for the photo shoot.  Apparently, quality child care is hard to come by in Monserrat.



Some posed “tastefully topless”. You know you can click these pics for a closer look, right?

Others struck the classic Cougar pose in less stressful locations.


This Mom went all Arstsy Fartsy with a cute prop.  Maybe a plea for missing school supplies.

This Mom takes one for the Team. Yeah, this is a true story.

Here is a page from the actual calendar.  Have you subscribed to my blog yet. Over at the right. Near the top. Click,click,click.

Another shot along the route.  Did we mention it’s through (or maybe around) a QUARRY!!

If anyone is still counting, Miss November makes it nine so far.

NEWS FLASH:  These chicks live in the village of Serradilla del Arroyo.  A quaint village of about 400 folks.  Hence the six klick hike to the school.

The photos came out as calendars in November and at first proved to be a big hit. But the plan backfired.

Pretty festive.  My guess this is December.

So here’s the kicker.  Good intentions aside, the Moms were weren’t exactly publishing moguls.  The ring leader was Itziar Zamarreno, a 40-year-old town councilor.  She’s Mrs October with the shotgun and furs.Their goal was to offset what they call government neglect of rural communities.“Nobody remembers the villages. Everybody comes and says, ‘Wow, this is so pretty, what lovely countryside, you live so well here,’ but then they don’t help you at all. They give you absolutely nothing,”- Itziar Zamarreno.

But…(BIG BUT)….the novices published the calendar in November.  Sales were strong at first but then tapered off.  They completely missed the Christmas buying season.  To add insult to injury, they didn’t charge enough and still owe their printer some 16 Grand, American.  This whole story came to light when he complained about them making late payments.




The Coca Cola Store- Las Vegas

We hit the Store and hilarity ensues.

As a surprise, I turned my Bride loose in M and M World.  After that it was, “Let’s do Coke”.  I was hoping to visit the Coke museum but was informed by the manager that it had been taken down THIRTEEN YEARS AGO.  We don’t get to the strip much.  I “glamored” him with the “WE JUST GOT MARRIED” and he fessed up an order of “Tastes OF the World” on the house.

Tastes of the World

Back in the Day [ed note: Read- When the MUSEUM WAS OPEN], TOTW shot out from the wall in arcing fountains of ten and twenty feet.   All of the products that are sold around the World.  You placed your cup in the stream and took a taste.  For the feeble hearted, there were your conventional soda machines banked along the wall as well.

Nowadays, “Tastes” come on a tray.  Two trays actually.

Tray Two on the Left and Tray One on the Right.




1. INCA COLA- PERU     Andy: “Good”. Jamie: “Good”. Rosie: “Tastes like bananas.”    Walt: “Yeah, bananas.”

2. SUNFILL BLACKCURRENT- MAURITIUS  Andy: “WTF?”. Jamie: “Tastes like cranberries”. Rosie: “Tastes like soda water.”    Walt: “Yeah, cranberries.”

3. STONEY TANGAWIZI- TANZANIA  Andy: “Tastes like Sprite”. Jamie: “Sprite”. Rosie: “Tastes like Lime-Ade.”    Walt: “Tastes like Sprite with wood in it.”

4. FANTA MAGIC- ESTONIA   Andy: “Blackberries.”. Jamie: “Yep, blackberries”. Rosie: “Tastes like pomegranate.”    Walt: “Tastes like Gluwein from Germany.”

5. VEGITABETA- JAPAN   Andy: “Oranges.”. Jamie: “Orange”. Rosie: “Flat Orange Soda.”    Walt: “Tastes like dish water.”

6. SPARLETTA  SPARBERRY- ZIMBABWE  Andy: “Bland.”. Jamie: “Strawberry”. Rosie: “Raspberry.”    Walt: “Strawberry.”


8. KINLEY LEMON- ENGLAND  Andy: “Really sour lemonade.”. Jamie: “Lemon”. Rosie: “Lemonade.”    Walt: “Tastes like shit.”



1. LIFT MANZANA- MEXICO     Andy: “Tastes like Grape Kool Aid”. Jamie: “Mild Blackberry”. Rosie: “Tastes like blackberry.”    Walt: “Yeah, blackberry.”

2. FANTA KOLITA- COSTA RICA   Andy: “Club Soda”. Jamie: “Club Soda”. Rosie: “Tastes like cough syrup.”    Walt: “Yeah, cough syrup.”

3. BIBO PINENUT  Andy: “Pineapple”. Jamie: “Peach”. Rosie: “Tastes like a pineapple.”    Walt: “Tastes like SOAP.”

4. CIEL AQUARIUS- MEXICO   Andy: “A hint of fruit.”. Jamie: “Yep,Fruit”. Rosie: “Tastes like grapes.”    Walt: “Tastes like dirty dish water.”

5. SUNFILL MINT- DJIBOUTI    Andy: “Tastes like bubblegum.”. Jamie: “Minty”. Rosie: “Tastes like mint tea.”    Walt: “Tastes like Scope mouthwash.”

6.  SMART APPLE- CHINA    Andy: “Tastes like SOUR APPLE.”. Jamie: “Sour apple”. Rosie: “Tastes GREAT!!”    Walt: “ACKKK!!!!:(.”

7.  BEVERLY-ITLAY    Andy: “Taste like TURPENTINE!!!”. Jamie: “GAK!!!”. Rosie: “Tastes LIKE TURPENTINE!!”    Walt: “PAINT TASTES BETTER!!!!”

8.  BIBO  KIWI MANGO- SOUTH AFRICA    Andy: “Taste like a bad orange”. Jamie: “Flat Kiwi”. Rosie: “Tastes like Kiwi.”    Walt: “Peach.”