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Car Show at Creech AFB

Creech AFB hosted a little in-house car show last week. It was pretty cool actually. I know some of them. Can you name them? Click to enlarge the pictures                                                     [...]


“I” Company  of the 35th Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, Hawaii 1941

I was scanning my Dad’s Hawaiian Album and these were all his friends. They all served in “I” Company of the 35th Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, Schofoeld Barracks, Hawaii in and around 1941. I’m posting these pictures in hopes that their kids and grandchildren are looking for them. Please leave me word in the comments if you made a connection. Good Luck.


My Dad was Walter J. Chamberlain Jr. He served in the Army from 1937 until 1967. In 1967 his division at Fort Carson was alerted for Vietnam. He said, “I got clipped in Italy and then again in Korea. Some Shave-Tail Butter Bar is going to get me killed in Vietnam”. So with 33 years service (including time in C.C.C.’s) he retired.


The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier- What You Don’t Know

Arlington, Virginia was the home of General Robert E. Lee. In retribution for Lee leading the Army of Northern Virginia in rebellion against the Union General of the Army Winfield Scott ordered that Union dead be buried on the plantation. “So that is an internal reminder of Lee’s treason.”, said Scott. In 1882 The federal government finally designated Arlington has the National cemetery.


Dragon Arriving

DRAGON Arriving.

For the first time since Atlantis in July 2011, an American spacecraft has arrived at the International Space Station (ISS). Privately built by SPACEX, the Dragon spacecraft completed a three day unmanned mission to the ISS delivering over a ton of supplies.


Young and Old

So if you’ve dutifully click that link I’ve cheerfully provided you know that it’s a bunch of pictures. Pictures that have been re-staged. One being when the subjects were young and then again when they’re older. I thought that was a cool idea. I thought of all my baby pictures and wondered which one I could re-stage. Since my Mom was a shutterbug, I have tons to pick from. Then I came across two that were perfect. Perfect that they were not staged.

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Alex Needs An Avatar

Alex over at lateenough.com is in a quandary. Seems it’s time for a new avatar and she is stuck on two choices.
Without help, she might be stuck in a never-ending decision loop. SO let’s all pitch in and help her pick. Which one is your favorite?

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OH MY!!!! George Takei

I’ve been doing this Internet thing for a long time. The body of work is approaching huge. Many is the time someone will send something to me saying, “Check this out. It’s COOL!” and I’ll say, “Yeah, I made that (picture,page,video).” But then every now and then something REALLY cool happens. Like finding out the Vice-President likes my picture.


On the First Day of Facebook…..

It’s been eight years since Mark Zuckerberg put Facebook on the Internet. Today, Facebook goes public with shares going for $38. Expectations are that by close of business Facebook will be worth 104 BILLION dollars. That’s a long way from a Harvard dorm room. That would make it worth more than Disney, Ford and Kraft Foods. It would be the second-largest U.S.-listed IPO behind only Visa. Facebook’s market debut, the biggest tech company IPO ever, should create 1,000 millionaires overnight.

So in the spirit of the day we here at the Lucky Puppy present….



Got a Link on Lateenough.com—WOOT!


Some some unknown inner reason, I’ve taken to Photoshopping for friends. This post of Al’s inspired my muse and this picture popped out. It appeared on this post. Way down at the bottom there is a teeny tiny link to this little blog. WOOT!! And a Big,Giant Thank You AL.