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Your Job Does NOT Suck

Do you ever wonder where your poop goes when you go on an airplane? In the good old days it went “out”. Dumped in mid air. After more than a few people being bombed by frozen poop, the airlines decided to keep it. So the next time you’re boarding, please note that someone is under the aircraft emptying the shitter.


If You Love America, Watch This…

I personally think that if the General Election is close, the dead people will vote again and Obama will win. I also feel that the Republican Party has been usurped and their candidates are mere stalking horses for Obama.   That is, if we have an election at all. Some folks have been talking about [...]


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Q: What’s white and flies across the English Channel? A: Lord Mountbatten’s tennis shoes. Q:What do you call an Irish lesbian? A:Gaelic.   Q: What do you call the day when all the Irish skip work and spend the day drinking? A: Tuesday. Q: What’s two miles long and has the I.Q. of 12? A: [...]


Happy Pi Day !!

There aren’t many constants in Life, but you can always count on Pi. Today is the 24th annual celebration of that wonderfully useful yet completely irrational number…Pi. Although the Greek letter has been around since…well…ancient Greece, the number was first named Pi by the mathematician William Jones in 1706. He used it as an abbreviation [...]


Obama’s Afghan Strategy at All Time High….NOT!

With Afghan crowds chanting “Death to America” and his image being burned in effigy, President Obama foreign policies have resulted in demonstrating the dynamic leadership that clearly shows why Great Leader was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The Myth of Obama’s mere election’s improving America’s “image” in the world arena seems to burning around Barry [...]


Girl Scouts Turn 100 Today

Today, March 12th 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of Girl Scouts Of America. The oldest living Girl Scout is Amelia “Milly” Bowden England. She joined the Girls Scouts in 1914.    In this 1914 picture, Amelia is far right on the top row. This was a meeting of her Thistle Troop and [...]


Obama+Gas Prices= Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

The President commented on high gasoline prices today. He said, “Do you think that the President of the United States going into election wants the gas prices to go higher?” Really? He’s what he said on 12 June, 2008….   On April 13, 2011, he ducks the question on if he’ll take steps to lower [...]


My Daughter has Always been Cool

Back in 2003 our car broke so we took it to the garage. While they were fixing it we were stuck on Rainbow Blvd. for a couple of hours.With all our cash going to the car, Rosie’s Mom , Rosie and I went window shopping.


Obama’s Remarks Incite Prostitute Backlash

President Obama called Sandra Fluke, the law student who Rush Limbaugh called a slut and prostitute for her statements about birth control, this afternoon to apologize for the personal attacks against her, and thank her for her participation in yesterday’s congressional committee. The White House issued the following statement: “The president called Georgetown University law [...]


The Good Old Days

Saturday morning cartoons. Skates with keys. BB guns for your birthday. Those were the days. While enjoying some Old TV show theme songs on YouTube, I cam across these gems. The Good Old Days??? Did that creepy old man lead that boy up the back door?? A Good Wife always know her place???? Brad wants [...]