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Super Bowl Bingo

Make your Super Bowl party the best ever. Play our SUPER BOWL DRINKING GAME! Just print out a bunch of the card below and bring your own booze. If you don’t want to alcohol, bet on something else. Soda, Pizza, clothing ,sex acts, whatever.    

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Odd Bets on the Super Bowl

The New England Patriots will face off with the New York Giants in 2012 Super Bowl. While most folks will be betting on who wins, there are a lot of other things to bet on while the game is on. These are called prospect bets. Here are some of them. Will Kelly Clarkson flub the [...]

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The President Goes to Vegas

What if the President came to town but nobody cared? Did you catch the arrival ceremony at McCarren Airport? The only one there to greet him was the Mayor of Las Vegas. Although invited, none of the State and local elected officials showed up. Even Harry “Pinkey” Reid was busy doing other things. The news [...]


What the Hell is SOPA??

Many websites are going dark today to protest the passage of the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act (SOPA). It was introduced in the House last October. As usually lately, Congress is moving forward on the legislature without really knowing what this Bill really does. Under the banner of protecting movie and [...]


Flee to the Life Boats


Vista Security 2012…A Really Bad Virus

Vista Security 2012 is a really bad virus. There are a lot of fixes and removal “tools” out there. Here’s my take on one that’s legit. Click here to see this on YouTube.


Rosie Eats a Scorpion

My daughter says the coolest things. When I tell friends and family, they frequently say “Really? She said that?” This time I got it on tape. Enjoy and leave comments. Click here if the video does not load.  She has her own blog. Click here to read it. Seriously…click the link below and comment.


2012 News Blooper

Maybe the guys in the production booth were celebrating early?