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Obama Celebrates Christmas


More Shit Falls Out of Harry Reid’s Mouth

On December 6, 2011 Pinkey spewed this whooper to justify his idea to add a 1.9% surtax to million dollar incomes. “Millionaire job creators are like unicorns. They’re impossible to find, and they don’t exist… Only a tiny fraction of people making more than a million dollars, probably less than 1 percent, are small business [...]


Abby’s Best Video EVER!!

Wasn’t that GREAT!! It had drama, humor. prizes and a really good drum roll. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT HER BLOG


Sailor Wins Historic Kiss

Wow! The Navy really is is an adventure. When the USS OAK HILL (LSD 51) returned to port Thursday, Petty Officer Citalic Snell had won the raffle to have  the first dockside kiss. Her partner Marissa Gaeta was there to meet her. Thank God they were women and pretty hot. Hell yes, we have the [...]


Pepsi Does not Hate America

“I know that many people know that there is a war with America and Iraq, but the last straw is where a worldwide company, that started in America, betrays it’s soul country for profit.I’m talking about Pepsi. I recently found out that American soldier, Roland Martinez, who was cleaning up the remains of a public [...]

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Odd Facts About Christmas

In 280 AD, in Turkish town of Patara, the original Saint Nichols was a monk who saved a group of nuns from becoming prostitutes by throwing balls of gold into their bedroom windows. Odd for a monk, he was wealthy having inherited his fortune when his parents died in an epidemic. He is the patron [...]


Now This is a Yard Gnome

Found this on Facebook (where else?). The facebooker said this was in a friend’s yard. I think not. Who has a F-104 in their yard? Dick Rutan?


I’m Back

Windows 7 gave me the Blue Screen of Death last month. I’ve been stumped ever since. The error codes say it’s a memory mangement problem. Swapped in some new RAM. Nothing. Now it’s saying I don’t have a hard drive. Santa needs to bring a computer. Feel free to give me any advice of hints.  [...]