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IRENE Parks Off of North Carolina- Ruins Weekend

As we tracked Irene she ignored kinfolk in South Carolina but stopped to kick everyone’s ass in North Carolina.  Thank God no one was hurt but there was damage and in one case everything they owned went underwater. Our prayers go out, Thanks for God’s Mercy and continued Blessings as everyone recovers from one Bad [...]


Viper Jackpot

You never know what you’ll see in rural Nevada. Today we hit the Viper Jackpot.   Left to right 0ne, two, three and the fourth one behind the van.  They came roaring into Indian Springs and hung a u-turn into the casino parking lot.  All the vipers had Michigan dealer plates.  What kind of Viper [...]


Why did we drop a second atomic bomb on Japan?

Because they didn’t pay attention the first time. Take it from One, Who Knows the Score, The 509th, Is Winning the War Today is the 66th anniversary of the day we dropped the second atomic bomb (Fat Man) on Nagasaki, Japan Click here for more info.    


Dr Pepper’s Numbers

Ever notice the numbers on the Dr Pepper logo. Yeah, it’s the old logo but I saw it on an episode of Mad Men and it got me thinking.  Marketed as the original energy drink hence the “pep” in pepper and healthy for you to boot. The Doctor part implied it’s health benefits and the [...]


More Than Meets the Eye

We here at the Puppy try to bring you, the Loyal Readership, the Funny, the Unusual, the Odd and the Informative. In a quirky, kitchy way the following video meets all those demands. So without further ado or explanation we present… WANT MORE? CLICK HERE<—-///

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