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Obama Doesn’t Care

So Barry was hanging out with the 10th Mountain Division.  You know, because he’s into all that military stuff. On a 23 June visit:     Didn’t see a video? Click here WHOOPS! You see,  Jared Monti did receive the Medal of Honor. That part Barry got right. Unfortunately, Jared gave his life in the [...]

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6 August, 1967- I was nine years old and  my Dad had just  retired from the Army at Fort Carson, Colorado. We then started camping our way to California. Earlier that day, we had gone over the Hoover Dam. Dad stopped the car in the middle of the dam so Mom could take pictures. I [...]


Happy Fathers Day

I awoke to breakfast in bed. The menu was Pancakes with Strawberries and Orange Juice. Planned and executed successfully by my bad ass 11 year old, Rosie. I hope you Dads had an equally great day.      


Forget Something?

You ever have that nagging feeling you’re forgetting something?  Did you pay the rent? Hugged a kid? Posted a comment? You know?  The Important Stuff. I just updated my Comment Luv. So register for it so you can leave Grooovy Comments on this here blog.  We promise to not sell your Soul (or cookies) to [...]