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Rossy Flies the English Channel

Crossing the English Channel was a mile post in early aviation. Now in the 21st century it takes center stage again. On September 26, 2008, Swiss airline pilot Yves “Fusion Man” Rossy crossed from France in to England without an airplane.Sort of.Jumping from a plane at more than 8,800 feet (2,500 meters) in the air [...]


Surreal Trip to Wal Mart

So there I was …In Wal Mart with my daughter.It was in the paper aisle that I started to notice there was an unofficial Sarah Palin look alike contest going on. Unofficial because there weren’t any signs posted.I spotted a Mother-Daughter-Daughter team. I asked Mom if she and her teenaged daughters were doing the Palin [...]


WaMu Tries to Sell Itself.

Literally. Washington Mutual put itself up for auction today in an attempt to avoid being the next bank failure.I tried to balance my checking account at WaMu last Saturday and this is what happened.1. I called the Customer Service Center and there was no option to talk to a real person.2. The folks at my [...]

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Sarah Palin


Have You Seen This Dog???

If you live in Las Vegas Nevada and want to help Bring Willow Home Download the flyer here and post them in your neighborhood. Someone tried to take a short cut and opened the door to Willow’s back yard and Willow ran off. Please Help