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F-15 Crashes During Red Flag

An F-15D assigned to the 65th Aggressor Squadron crashed while participating in the Red Flag exercise conducted from Nellis AFB, Nevada. It was reported that one of the two man crew died in the crash. The other pilot was transported to Mike O’Callaghan Federal Hospital and was listed in stable condition and is under observation.The [...]


White Knight II Unveiled

Virgin Galactic unveiled it’s latest design, The White Knight II. The jet powered craft will carry the sub orbital Spaceship II aloft.

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Explosion on Quantas 747

An on board oxygen bottle has never exploded on a passenger jet in mid-air, until last Friday.


MD-80 "Death Trap" Takes a Shot at Obama

The US National Transportation Safety Board is investigating why a Midwest Airlines Boeing MD-80 carrying Senator Barack Obama was forced to make an emergency landing today.The crew of the chartered aircraft earlier today diverted to St. Louis, Missouri, during a flight from Chicago, Illinois, to Charlotte, North Carolina, due to a suspected flight control anomaly.While [...]

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What Hit Northwest Flight 478?

Aircraft suffer bird strikes on a daily basis. What happened to Northwest Flight 478 remains a mystery.


windows-privacy-protection SCAM

This is no joke!!! The little fuckers at windows-privacy-protection.com are sending out a vicious little malware disguised as a spyware pop detector that looks like a microsoft windows product. “Click here to update Windows Security”. Yeah right. I fell for it. It hijacks your browser. Kills your task manager and reroutes it to a site [...]