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Stop the Invasion

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Terrorism Coming to Your Neighborhood

I’m getting sick and tired of “I support the Troops, but I don’t support the war”. The left (read Democrats) is barreling along with it’s condemnation of the troop build up. Yet they “Support the Troops”. My ass. What if “The Troops” want more “Troops” to come help them out? All right. Let’s just say [...]

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Are You the Father?

News flash—-Anna Nicole Smith is still dead. How long will the media flog this dead horse? Whoops, bad pun. Makes you wonder what the media is trying to distract you from.In keeping with the spirit, we offer this non-binding resolution to determine who is the real father of the baby. If you think it’s you, [...]


My Dad Fought in World War Two

Let me tell you about my Dad. He’s 90 years old today, in frail health and living his days out in a hospice.

The girl he married in 1945 visits him every day.